WPMS Network Global Inserts


This plugin is strongly based on the code `WPMS Global Content` from `Neerav Dobaria`. I really liked that plugin, but i thought it could do more, so i added some things that it also can insert adsense accross a WordPress 3.3 network installation.


GNU General Public License 3.0


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Example Usage

Just install and activate, fill out the fields in the backend. Only a Network Administrator can fill it out, even it is in the Administration and not Network Administration. The field you dont want to print, just let them empty. The blog id you want to exclude is `0` if you want to print it out on all.


  • Header — Insert a header in all blogs
  • Footer — Insert a footer in all blogs
  • Content Header — Insert html in the content header
  • Content Center — Insert html in the content center
  • Content Footer — Insert html in the content footer
  • Chooser — Choose what blog are excluded or included

If you have a post where is a `read more` in it, it will print the center right there, if you dont have a read more, it will not give out the content center. If the content center is print out, it will not print out the content header. In your frontpage or archive on your blog, it only prints three html messages, so you can use it for Google Adsense. The Header and Footer is on the main site and it will allways print.


Installation in 3 steps:

  1. Install
  2. Activate
  3. Setup in the Administration

Now you are ready and it will print.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s are here


Documentation is here