Storm ShortCodes

Adds all kind of new shortcodes to your WordPress 3.3 Blog.

With this plugin you activate a lot of shortcodes without the admin interface, so activate it and use it. It also makes it possible for you to secure some text parts in your wordpress installation from the public, two choices you have, public or members only.


  • No new administration screen — This does not add a option page
  • Clean install and uninstall — This plugin does not modify your database

Just run the WordPress install tool, thats it!!!


If you find this plugin useful, please donate to continue development.

Your total amount is : 5.00 (Currency: USD)


Installation in 2 steps:

  1. Install
  2. Activate

That’s all you have to do!! — Now it is up and running

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s are here


Documentation is here