New Version available

New Update for easyPartnerShop. New documentation. Now you can read hot to install and setup. Even a little about making your own theme is in the Documentation. You can read it online or take the PDF File!!

Download the User Manual:

You can download the manual here ->

  • Important update, please see CHANGELOG and the now available documentation. How to install, how to setup and how to make your themes in a short discription.
  • Documentation is on the ApiDocs Server or in the distribution in the folder DOCS


  • Better documentation
  • Code cleanup
  • header.xml deleted, no need anymore 
  • body.xml deleted, no need anymore
  • Added a Logo


IMPORTANT: Version 0.0.6 is damaged, my source got on commit damaged, so i
had to get my backup and make a new commit. Don’t use version 0.0.6

easyPartnerShop .zip V0.0.7 - 137 bytes - 557 Hits

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