New Version available

New Update for easyPartnerShop. New documentation. Now you can read hot to install and setup. Even a little about making your own theme is in the Documentation. You can read it online or take the PDF File!!

Download the User Manual:

You can download the manual here ->


New Update

Just commited the new update for WPMS Network Global Inserts. I call it WPMSNGI, and it is a WordPress Plugin.

More Information you can find here on the page, the apidocs server or on GitHub

It will be available on in the next few hours. Download here allready available, or wait till it show up in your WordPress installer.

WPMS Network Global Inserts ZIP V0.0.2 - 149 bytes - 631 Hits

First release public

Now i just made the first public release from the easyPartnerShop.

The Version 0.0.5 is now public, ready to download and you can use it. More information you find in the Projectpage or in german on my Blog. The Shop has still some errors, but ready to use, if you like to see it in action, go here:

All these shops run on one installation, the way it is explained in the Documentation.You can run as many shops as you like in a single install. So have fun

easyPartnerShop .zip V0.0.5 - 137 bytes - 628 Hits


The WordPress Plugin WPMS Network Global Inserts is now available on for download and installation in your own WordPress powered website.

Find out more about the plugin @ the plugin homepage unter or on the website under

WPMS Network Global Inserts

WPMS Network Global Inserts allow WordPress Multisite Network Admin to insert html in the content accross the network.

This plugin is strongly based on the code `WPMS Global Content` from `Neerav Dobaria`. I really liked that plugin, but i thought it could do more, so i added some things that it also can insert adsense accross a WordPress 3.3 network installation.

WPMS Network Global Inserts V0.0.1 - 149 bytes - 655 Hits

Now it is available on GitHub, you can check it out under

Documentation is here: